LTC2951-1 LTC2951-2 Push Button On/Off Controller

Product Details

The LTC2951 is a micropower, wide input voltage range pushbutton ON/OFF controller. The part contains a pushbutton input which controls the toggling of an open-drain enable output. The pushbutton turn OFF debounce time is externally programmable, while the turn ON debounce time is fixed at 128ms. A simple microprocessor interface allows for proper system housekeeping prior to powerdown. Under system fault conditions, an adjustable KILL timeout delay ensures proper power-down.

The LTC2951 operates over a 2.7V to 26.4V input voltage range to accommodate a variety of input power supplies. Very low quiescent current (6μA typical) makes the LTC2951 ideally suited for battery powered applications. Two versions of the part are available to accommodate either positive or negative enable polarities. The parts are available in 8-pin 3mm × 2mm DFN and ThinSOT packages.


  • Portable Instrumentation Meters
  • Blade Servers
  • Portable Customer Service PDA
  • Desktop and Notebook Computers

Features and Benefits

  • Adjustable Pushbutton Debounce and Delay Timers
  • Low Supply Current: 6μA
  • Wide Operating Voltage Range: 2.7V to 26.4V
  • EN Output (LTC2951-1) Allows DC/DC Converter Control
  • EN Output (LTC2951-2) Allows Circuit Breaker Control
  • Simple Interface Allows Graceful μP Shutdown
  • High Input Voltage PB Pin with Internal Pull-Up Resistor
  • ±10kV ESD HBM on PB Input
  • Accurate 0.6V Threshold on KILL Comparator Input
  • 8-Pin 3mm × 2mm DFN and ThinSOT Packages